Electrolift Creative Presents: A film about the valiant life, and mysterious death, of Alberto Nisman.

Prior to 9/11, the Western Hemisphere’s most destructive terrorist attack occurred at the AMIA center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1994, 85 people lost their lives in that horrific bombing.

After ten years and a stalled investigation, Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman was tasked with finally finding justice for those killed in the terror attack.
What Nisman found rocked Argentina to its core and, many believe, led to his untimely death.

Los Abandonados is a story of international intrigue – it links a nexus among Iranian terrorists, regional dynamics, corruption at the highest levels of Argentine government, and asks: Will justice ever be served for those responsible?
“Part historical account and part spy novel,” “the beauty of Los Abandonados is that the director does not expect you to know who Alberto Nisman is, much less have a vivid memory of the AMIA bombing. If you are surprised- and alarmed- to hear that Hezbollah is actively operating in Latin America, then this is the film for you”
– Breitbart
“The film plays the role of putting all the pieces together”
“Explosive new documentary on Iran’s mysterious meddling in Argentina,” “paints a dark picture of a regime whose tentacles of terrorism reach around the globe”
– Fox News
“People queued for more than an hour in the street in front of the Newseum,” “there was great expectation to see the documentary”
– Clarín
“a new documentary is examining the devastating and fatal 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires, Argentina Jewish organization and the mysterious death two decades later of a prosecutor investigating the case”
– NBC News
Contact: Dan Fleuette
Electrolift Creative, Distributor
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